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Northern Greenville County February-March Crime Reports

The following incidents were reported from northern Greenville County to the Greenville County Sheriff's Office from February 1 through March 2nd.

March 1st - Financial Transaction Card Fraud, White Horse Road Extension, Travelers Rest.

Feb. 27th - Possession of Meth, 600 Block of Dacusville Road, Marietta.

Feb. 26th - Autobreaking, 100 block of Oakland Avenue, Marietta.

Feb. 24th = Petit Larceny, Beaver Creek Court, Marietta.

Feb. 27th - Burglary, residence on Melody Mountain Trail, Cleveland.

Feb. 28th - Assault and Battery, Batson Road, Travelers Rest.

Feb. 25th - Shoplifting, convenience store on Old White Horse Road, Travelers Rest

Feb. 25th - Discharging Firearm, Old Hunts Bridge Road.

Feb. 25th - Unlawful Communications, restaurant Old White Horse Road, Travelers Rest

Feb. 16th - Carrying Weapon on School Property - elementary school in the 1500 block of Geer Highway, Travelers Rest.

Feb. 16th - Disseminating Obscene Material, 1600 block of Geer Highway, Travelers Rest.

Feb. 10th - Recovered Vehicle, Pinecrest Drive, Travelers Rest.

Feb. 5th - Augobreaking auto dealership, Bates Crossing Road, Travelers Rest.

Feb. 23rd - Shoplifting, liquor store on Geer Highway, Marietta

Feb. 19th - Attempted Burglary, 2900 block of Geer Highway, Marietta.

Feb. 19th - Autobreaking, parking lot located in the 2700 block of Geer Highway, Marietta

Feb. 11th - Financial Transaction Card Fraud, convenience store 2900 block of Geer Highway, Marietta

Feb. 4th - Assault and Battery, 300 block of White Oak Way, Marietta

Feb. 11th - Burglary, 300 block of Woodland Way, Marietta

Feb. 7th - Grand Larceny, 100 block of Mellon Street, Slater

Feb. 7th - Manufacture, Distribution of Meth, 100 block of Mellon Street, Slater.

Feb. 18th - Assault and Battery, 200 block of Hart Cut Road, Marietta.

Feb. 27th - Autobreaking, park in the 4200 block of Highway 11, Marietta

Feb. 15th - Autobreaking at Waside Park 5500 block of Geer Highway, Cleveland

Feb. 7th - Assault and Battery High and Aggravated at Wayside Park, 5500 block Geer Highway, Cleveland.

Feb. 3rd - Autobreaking, park in the 4200 block of Highway 11, Marietta.

Feb. 12th - Burglary, Asbury Drive, Cleveland.

Feb. 22nd - Carjacking, 100 block of Shipman Road, Marietta

Feb. 22nd - Assault and Battery, 100 block of Shipman Road, Marietta

Feb. 19 - Possession of Meth, Freeman Bridge Road, Marietta

Feb. 20th - Theft from residence, 800 block of Dacusville Road, Marietta

Feb. 19th - Recovered vehicle, Coleman Trail, Travelers Rest

Feb. 15 - Fire Call, commercial building Benson Road, Travelers Rest

Feb. 11th - Residential Burglary, Upcountry Lane, Travelers Rest.

Feb. 11th - Residential Burglary, Barclay Drive, Travelers Rest

Feb. 9th - Attempted Burglary, Horseback Way, Travelers Rest

Feb 9th - Auto Theft, Horseback Way, Travelers Rest

Feb. 17th - Possession of Schedule IV Drugs, roadway of Mush Creek Road, Travelers Rest

Feb. 5th - Malicious Damage, 1400 block of Geer Highway, Travelers Rest

Feb. 7th - Auto Theft Grand Larceny, 10800 block of Highway 25, Travelers Rest

Feb. 3rd - Burglary, 300 block of Rock Quarry Road, Travelers Rest

Feb. 28th - Possession of Meth, Belvue Road, Travelers Rest

Feb. 24th - Recovered Property, Rutledge Lake Road

Feb. 24th - Attempted Burglary, Lynchburg Drive

Feb. 21st - Petit Larceny, Paris Mountain State Park

Feb. 21st - Autobreaking, Paris Mountain State Park

Feb.19th - Carrying A Weapon on School Property, Berea Middle School

Feb. 17th - Disseminating Obscene Material, school on Berea Middle School Road

Feb. 7th - Assault and Battery High and Aggravated, 9600 block of Old White Horse Road, Travelers Rest

March 1 - Auto Theft, Jordan Road

Feb. 27 - Assault and Battery, convenience store, Mountain View Road, Taylors

Feb. 23 - Burglary, Aspen Drive, Greer

Feb. 15th - Grand Larceny church in the 5500 block of Locust Hill Road, Travelers Rest

Feb. 14th - Petit Larceny church in the 35000 block of Highway 414

Feb 12th - Interfering With Police, Mush Creek Road, Travelers Rest

Feb. 1st - Possession of Meth With Intent To Distribute Gibson Woods Trail, Greer

Feb. 1st - Petit Larceny, convenience store on Groce Meadow Road, Taylors

Feb. 27th - Residential Burglary, 1200 block of Chinquapin Road, Travelers Rest

Feb. 22nd - Narcotics Investigation, Old Ballenger Road, Landrum

Feb. 18th - Residential Burglary, Hwy 414, Landrum

Feb. 8th - Recovered Vehicle, Glassy Mountain Road, Travelers Rest

Feb. 8th - Residential Burglary, 4600 Southerlin Road, Taylors

Feb. 20th - Petit Larceny, 100 block of Highway 11, Travelers Rest

Feb. 19th - Armed Robbery With Deadly Weapon, commercial building on N. Hwy 25, Travelers Rest.

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