Letters To The Editor

Dear Black People,


The last thing a man wants to be seen as is a bad provider.  There should be no such thing as bad providers for households because the world is filled with infinite opportunities.  People don’t want to be seen as insufficiently prepared for taking care of themselves and most importantly a family.  The world gives us all we need and more if we experience it correctly.  People shouldn’t be expected to come up short at all in a world that is generous with its opportunities. 


Another last thing men don’t want to be seen as is a wasteful keeper.  Not being able to find things to suffice a need for yourself or others in a world that has more jobs than human beings is unexplainable. 


The world has proven itself to have more in store for you than you can even experience by yourself.  Everything in this life from your first kiss, first meal, and first job has been given to you.  These things are for the well-being of our world and when people see that you’re willing to support it they will give back as they always have. 


The best providers and keepers know how to give of themselves.  There are more money and work opportunities in America than ever.  Heck, blacks came on boats to do work, get fed, and have shelter during slavery times.  Slavery and Jim Crow were disgraceful times in America.  However, blacks were part of more profitable efforts than a lot of other people were at that time.  Some people couldn’t afford slaves and others suffered from economic issues.  Blacks should not be asking for an apology for every government law or policy that was against them.  Blacks getting apologies for discriminatory laws before will not help our careers. 


Black people need to work on communicating competently.  This has helped me become a success in some respects so far.  I have obtained free celebrity advisory comments, autographed books from authors, professional sporting event tickets, free museum memberships, people offering to write biographies for free, speaking engagements, podcasts, and other relevant work experiences etc. that I can put on my resume from the click of an e-mail. 


The sad thing today is blacks and other people can still get clothing, food, water, and shelter for free from private, faith-based, and family entities.  But we still have black people complaining about how bad America is.  Blacks were given a free education for K-12 and college for hundreds of years unlike whites and many of the early settlers in America did.  If America has a togetherness to it always positive things will always happen.


You are smarter than almost every founding father academically.  Some of our founding fathers and pilgrims couldn’t be admitted to some of our HBCUs today.  Black people shouldn’t strive to be perfect but we should make sure we put forth the most presentable personhood that we can.  If we do this we will see that Republicans do not run the local governments that incarcerate most of our black people.  If we do this we will see that Republicans do not run most of the local governments that have lower educational attainment than others.  If we do this we will see that Republicans do not run most of the local governments that sell the majority of their homes below market value.  If you ask any Christian what political party supports the most godly things Republicans will win the argument. 


What godly good we can do in the world has already been done and written about in The Holy Bible.  Now it is time to repeat those things of godly good for our best world.  We must know that blacks perform better when in groups with whites and other races.  Black people do better in academics, in the public sector, and private sector when there is racial diversity.  The test scores are higher in diverse schools.  The quality of life for residents is better in diverse government.  Finally, the income is larger working for diverse businesses. 


People that make it to affluence are burdened with the same issues less fortunate people have.  However, they have more power on how financial issues affect them.  If affluent people start to make wrong choices with their wealth they will lose the power to control their finances and become overwhelmed.  Affluence can be achieved by anyone who takes advantage of the diverse community America is and is aware of how they can contribute to our economy. 


HBCUs don’t restrict you from other communities.  You are still in a diverse society and there is nothing that can prevent you from being in a workplace you want to be in.  HBCUs graduate non-black admitted students at a higher percentage than blacks.  Also, whites teach more at HBCUs than blacks at PWIs.  This is highly contradictory because HBCUs which are led by blacks mostly are more likely to allow nonblacks to teach their children than to vote for nonblacks against a black candidate in political races. 


People should not look beyond their families first for help with staying on their feet.  Blacks should know that there is enough resources within our world to support each other from being needy or at-risk at any point.  Access to the life you want is available to everyone who desires to see themselves achieve.  If people as a whole know how to use our positive qualities everyone will have success. 


We have to stop blaming white people for the unattained goals we have.  99 percent of the things we enjoy in life are not made by black people.  The food we eat and get from our grocery stores and eateries don’t come from the works of just black people, they come from all people.  Our clothes mostly aren’t designed and manufactured by black people.  Our electronic devices that we watch our television, listen to our music, and do our daily chores are mostly not designed and manufactured by black people.  The monetary notes that we exchange for goods, services, and personal use were not made by black people.  If blacks were more integrative in their race relations we would realize that whites weren’t at fault for the bulk of our disappointment but we personally could be held accountable for that.  Every race was a slave before. 


A good business Idea is contagious irregardless of race.  Lastly, none of our life’s options, decisions, or choices are based on race at all.


Jordan Cooper,

Summerville, SC


Why Does the Bible Say Rich People Will Fade in the Midst of Their Pursuits?


“You are not supposed to live on toys because you cannot take them to heaven,” says Adrienne, 8.

Adults try to live on toys, too. The difference is that adults make payments on their toys. Television commercials look so slick, but no manufacturer’s toy has ever filled the void in a customer’s soul. That vacuum in our souls is reserved for an infinite, loving God.

“You can’t take all your stuff to heaven. Your children would have to get it — plus, they will fight over it,” says Jacob, 9.

When it comes to dividing estates of deceased parents among surviving children, it’s a real-life drama.

“Rich people fade away because they concentrate on money and not God and Jesus. They should keep their eye on God and Jesus,” says Landen, 7.

The Bible is not against wealth. Abraham, the father of all believers, was rich. The Bible does, however, warn against placing our hope in riches because they will fade.

“People should concentrate on heavenly things,” says Grant, 11. “If God has blessed you financially, you should use it to glorify Him. You should give it to the needy or to places where you can help people.”

Wealth brings responsibility. The Christian attitude is that we are stewards of all property under our control. Everything belongs to God. We are accountable to him for how it is used.

Jesus told a story of a man who entrusted his three servants with different amounts of money. Two of the three invested wisely and secured a profit for their master, but one hid his money because he was afraid. Jesus rewarded the productive servants, but punished the fearful, unprofitable servant (Matthew 25:14-30).

“We should set for ourselves treasures in heaven, not treasures on Earth because they will fade away,” says Ransom, 8. The Bible says the wealthy in their pursuits are like flowers in the field that fade away under the sun’s scorching heat (James 1:10-11).

Christians with divided loyalties live unstable lives. They flip-flop between love of God and love of riches. The double-minded Christian is a bundle of mixed messages and contradictions.

“Some people think only about money and do not accept Christ. When they die, they do not go to heaven,” says Allen, 11.

This is the ultimate loss. In God’s economy, if you own the entire world but lose your soul, you’re busted — bankrupt forever.

So great is our tendency to depend on wealth to the exclusion of God that Jesus said it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter into his kingdom. It’s practically a miracle whenever wealthy people humble themselves to trust in the one who gave up the riches of heaven to die on a shameful cross to pay for our sins.

Think about this: Truly wealthy people think of themselves in relation to God, not their property.

Memorize this truth: “For no sooner has the sun risen with a burning heat than it withers the grass; its flower falls, and its beautiful appearance perishes. So the rich man also will fade away in his pursuits” (James 1:11).

Questions to ask: Are you truly wealthy? Do you know the riches of fellowship with God? Do you know the peace that comes from being content in all circumstances? If you’re a Christian whom God has prospered, are you looking for opportunities to invest in the advancement of God’s kingdom?