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Odds And Ends, Notes From Local History It Happened In November.....

By - Roger Jewell

November 3, 1950 - Lights lit up the football field for the very first time at Travelers Rest High School.  Travelers Rest met Blue Ridge in the dedication game.  Two weeks earlier a community project led by W.F Wriffith raised $3,000 to install the lights.


November 23, 2003 - The City of Travelers Rest was divided over a proposal for zoning changes that would allow the construction of a super Wal-Mart in Travelers Rest.  A group of citizens filed a lawsuit to stop the proposed zoning change.  The lawsuit was settled out of court and the project went forward.


November 21, 1961 - Officials announced a branch of the Greenville County Library would occupy the second floor of the Travelers Federal Savings and Loan building on Main Street.  Citizens were previously served by a bookmobile which stopped in town for an hour every two weeks.  Mrs. Lewis Lockaby was named assistant in charge of the branch library.  The library measured 36 feet by 15 feet and included two reading tables and a circulation desk.


November 1975 - The courtyard of Slater-Marietta Elementary School was dedicated in honor of two retired educators, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Barnett.  The courtyard had been planted with pyracanthas, spreading junipers, minature gardinias and boxwoods in addition to border plants and river rocks.


November 21, 1948 - Officials announced the building of a new Slater-Marietta High School would begin in the spring of 1949.  Seventy five percent of the taxes for operation of the school came from Slater Mill.


On November 30th, 1926 thieves looted the Marietta, South Carolina post office.  The bad guys entered the building and blew open a small safe and grabbed $800 of post office money, $300 that belonged to the assistant postmaster, a suit of clothes sent C.O.D and a half dozen pocketknives.  95 years have passed and nobody has ever been arrested for the crime, that makes it probably the oldest cold case in Greenville County history.