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Travelers Rest High School has a tradition of fielding successful basketball teams.  The roots of that success goes back to 1922 when Professor W.W. Davis formed the school's first basketball team.  Davis was also principal of the school.  This would have been the 1921-22 school term and the team was described as "the most efficient in the upper part of the county.  Davis was from Laurenceburg, Tennessee and lived in Travelers Rest nine months of the year and returned to Tennessee when the school term was over.

1925 was perhaps Davis' best season.  One of the early wins that season was a 34-2 trouncing of Dacusville.  Travelers Rest had three players "towering over six feet in height," the Greenville News proclaimed, "Coker, Hunt and Robinson are all over six feet tall."  The team had few chances to play indoors as most of their games were played on outdoor basketball courts.

One of the biggest wins in 1925 was a 33-31 upset win over Parker High School.  The victory caught the attention of everyone because Parker was considered to be one of the best in the upperstate.  The game drew a crowd of over 400 fans and all across the state folks were saying Travelers Rest could become the state champions that season.  The two teams had a rematch on February 7, 1925 at Parker's gymnasium and a record crowd of over 1,000 fans packed the gym.  Sportswriter Carter "Scoop" Latimer called Parker and Travelers Rest the two best teams in all of South Carolina.  Parker edged TR 28-25.  The game had been postponed by one night due to several TR players suffering the flu.  Robinson, Sutherlin (guards) and Foster (center) had been on the TR sick list but they returned to the line up and inspired fight and brilliant play won the admiration of even the most ardent Parker supporters, Latimer said.  "The gladiators fought amid the deafening roar of a thousands throats."  Carter said he suspected the Travelers Rest boys were not up to full speed because they were still ill from the flu.  Everybody was jumping on the Travelers Rest basketball band wagon.

A few weeks later Travelers Rest, following a 54-4 win over Dacusville, and a 26-22 win over Clover High was invited to participate in the upper state tournament.  TR went up against Greenville in the tournament but lost 30-25 to end their season.

In 1926 Professor B.B "Babe" Knight replaced Davis as principal and basketball coach.  Knight also formed Travelers Rest's first football team and coached the basketball team to the 1926-27 South Carolina championship.  Knight left Travelers Rest for a teaching and coaching position in North Carolina and was replaced at Travelers Rest by his assistant Raymond "Blackie" Carter.  Carter coached all TR athletics until the winter of 1930 when he joined the Nashville "Vols" professional baseball team.  W.W Davis became principal at several other Greenville County schools such as Tigerville School, Lenoah School and Double Springs School.