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July 2023 Crime Report

July 31 - ARREST, Geer Highway Marietta - Drug Violations, Prisoner Tampering with Electronic Device, Possession Of Cocaine.

July 31 - Burglary, Lester Avenue, Greenville - Door handle unscrewed. 2021 SSR off road motorcycle stolen.

July 30 - Mush Creek Road, Travelers Rest. Non violent family offenses, Unlawful conduct towards child, narcotics found.

July 29 - Theft, North Lynnwood Drive, Travelers Rest. Religious books stolen from mailbox.

July 29 - Theft, North Highway 25 By-Pass, Travelers Rest. HVAC unit stolen.

July 29 - Altamont Road. 2x6 boards and a UCon Trail Camera stolen.

July 29 - Maple Lake Street. Vehicle Theft. 2020 Ford Mustang stolen.

July 29 - Theft, Old Buncombe Road, wallet and money stolen from convenience store.

July 28 - Burglary, Pine Court, Marietta. Rear door broke open, nothing stolen.

July 28 - Theft. Cleveland Avenue Extension, Marietta. Nail gun stolen.

July 28 - Vandalism, Geer Highway, Travelers Rest. Honda CRV windshield damaged.

July 28 - Robbery. Ballenger Street, Greenville. Subject pointed gun at victim and stole money.

July 28 - Attempted Auto Theft - Ridge Street, Greenville. Attempted theft of 2007 Renault.

July 28 - Arrest - Rutledge Lake Road, possession with intent to distribute Meth.

July 28 - Theft, Trinity Way, Greenville. Silver Smith and Wesson 38 stolen from residence.

July 28 - Arrest. West Darby Road. Possession of Fentanyl Possession of Meth.

July 27 - Assault. Kathryn Street, Marietta. Subject shot at victim.

July 27 - Vehicle Theft, Groce Meadow Road, Taylors. Dodge Ram truck stolen and recovered.

July 22 - Theft From Vehicle, Virginia Road, Travelers Rest. Tarus 380 handgun stolen from Jeep Renegade.

July 25 - Assault. Tugaloo Road, Travelers Rest. Subject choked victim and hit victim in head.

July 24 - Burglary - Tigerville Road, Travelers Rest. Door forced open. Clocks, tools, jewelry, antiques stolen.

July 23 - Vehicle Theft Skyview Drive Travelers Rest. Honda ATV stolen.

July 21 - Traffic incident Dacusville Road Marietta. Failure to stop for blue light, improper tag.

July 12 - Various Crimes , Belvue Road, Travelers Rest. Subject spat on victim. Impersonating officer, resisting arrest, breach of peace, malicious damage.

July 17 - Theft Blue Ridge Drive Travelers Rest. Tasco trail camera stolen.

July 17 - TRPD Raids Drug House - Travelers Rest police arrested Phillip Shawn Flowers after raiding a drug house inside the city limits. Flowers was charged on eleven warrants which included Trafficking Meth, Possession if gun/knife during commission of a violent crime, conspiracy, possession of other Sch i-V substances, transport of alcohol with broken seal, Driving under Suspension, Possession of Firearm/Ammunition by violent felon, Trafficking Fentanyl, committing violent crime while on bond, failure to stop for blue light and reckless driving.

July 18 - Autobreaking North Hwy 25 Travelers Rest.

July 16 - Theft, Geer Highway Marietta. Garden hose stolen from First Baptist Marietta.

July 14 - Larceny, South Forest Circle, Marietta. Four vehicle rims, four tires, a weed eater and a lift stolen from under a house.

July 14 - Theft, Rhodes Lane, Marietta. Mail stolen from mailbox.

July 13 - Shoplifting, Geer Highway Travelers Rest. 3 cases of Bud Light, 1 case of Michelob Light and a case of Dr Pepper plus several packages of meat stolen and recovered.

July 12 - Burglary Butler Street Landrum. Various tools stolen from tool box.


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