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Complaints against Sheriff Cash Williams, plus more special edition 1973.webp

Complaints against Sheriff Cash Williams and more!

1973 Special Edition

Who had motives to kill Frank looper unknown date1974.webp

Who had motives to kill Frank Looper?

Unknown date 1974

More Cash Williams Complaints  unknown date early 70s.webp

More Cash Williams complaints and new chief at TRPD!

Unknown Date early 70s

Final football season at Slater-Marietta High School 1972.webp

Final football season at Slater Marietta High School!

As well as Stolen car rams residential living room, contractor discusses construction of North Greenville Hospital

Unknown date 1972


Nachman Transcripts reveal deputies assisted in a Berea drug store burglary with Hassie and Delk!

January 17 1978

Officer Sees Aliens In Silver Suits In unknown date 1972.webp

Officer sees Aliens in silver suits in upper Greenville county

unknown date 1972


The Nachman Transcripts, Deputies plan to assist JakieDelk rob a bank

January 1, 1976


Deputies tried to expose Sheriff Cash Williams to SLED Chief but sheriff knew about it before deputies returned to Greenville

1974 ISSUE 20

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