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Over 90 Vehicle Break-Ins Within 15 Day Period

Over 90 vehicle break-ins and 12 stolen vehicles were reported during a fifteen day period across Greenville County from October 15-30. The incidents took place in residential neighborhoods in western, eastern and southern portions of the county and the City of Greenville.

Many of the parked vehicles were unlocked however even locked vehicles did not escape the crime wave as vehicle windows were smashed when doors were found to be locked. Items that were stolen ranged from a drone to a baby stroller, dope, and even a motorcycle was disassembled and parts were stolen. In Berea a food truck was hit by roaming crooks as a window was broken and bread and money was stolen.

A summary of stolen items includes: a baby stroller, a child's car seat, a drone, two Apple iPads, a ladder, a drill, a photo album, 8 drivers' licenses, 2 pairs of sunglasses, 2 sets of car keys, misc. motorcycle parts, 7 guns, 1 nail gun, 2 laptops, medical shears, 17 undisclosed amounts pf cash, 1 camera, 15 financial transaction cards, 4 insurance cards, 1 coat, 4 backpacks, 1 vehicle instrument cluster panel, 1 stereo, 5 purses, 8 wallets, 4 social security cards, ammunition, bread, 1 duffle bag, 5 sets of tools, 1 phone charger, 5 cell phones, 3 pairs of shoes, 1 diaper bag, 1 bag of marijuana, 1 bike rack, 2 bikes, 1 Mexico passport, a pack of cigarettes and 3 misc. pieces of jewelry.

In other crime reports over a dozen propane containers were stolen from a State Park Road business near Travelers Rest.


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