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Major Drug Trafficker Arrested In West Greenville

The GCMDEU (DEU) supported by the S.C. Law Enforcement Division (SLED) completed an investigation resulting in the seizure more than a pound of methamphetamine and 5 ounces of heroin.

DEU removed a well-known and prior convicted drug trafficker from the west Greenville area of the county. After a 5-month investigation, DEU investigators and SLED Special Agents moved on a residence located at 3 Wallace Street, Greenville, SC identified as a drug distribution point. Donnie Glenn, age 61 , is well-known to the law enforcement community. Shortly after serving a recent prison sentence, Glenn again turned to drug trafficking. Glenn was identified as a significant figure within the drug world of Greenville County and moved large volumes of heroin, methamphetamine, and crack cocaine. Based on the investigation, DEU Investigators obtained a search warrant on Glenn’s residence at 3 Wallace Street. The residence was fortified with steel bars, cameras, and bars across the entrance doors. After forcing entry into the residence, law enforcement officers found more than a pound of methamphetamine and 5 ounces of heroin. Also, Investigators found cooking sheets, measuring cups, razor blades, and cutting agents. Inside a microwave, investigators gathered evidence regarding the manufacturing of crack cocaine. At the time of the search warrant, the suspect identified as Donnie Glenn was not at home but was taken into custody by DEU and SLED investigators in another area of the county.

Bart McEntire, Commander of the DEU stated “As DEU approaches its first year of operation, the results have shown the importance of agencies working towards a common goal of protecting our communities. In our on-year existence, DEU, along with our working law enforcement partners, have remove more than 40 pounds of heroin and methamphetamine from the communities. Today’s actions are a continuation of the efforts of the unit targeting mid-to-high level drug traffickers. Glenn has been a well-known narcotics trafficker for years in Greenville and after being released from prison jumped straight back into narcotics dealing.” “Further, the amount of drugs removed from our communities today prevented at a minimum approximately 3,500 uses of these dangerous drugs.” “Drug trafficking contributes significantly to the crime being committed in Greenville Count” Sheriff Hobart Lewis added “Today’s actions, not only strikes at the use of drugs but impacts our communities in many areas as well. We also know patterns of violence are tied many times to drug organizations and individual drug usage. I take combatting drug trafficking seriously and applaud today’s efforts.”

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