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Residential Burglaries Increase

Burglary has become a pretty steady business for crooks in northern Greenville County during the month of August. Several burglaries to homes have been reported in the White Horse Road Extension area (behind Ingles on Geer Highway) in recent days. Below is a list of August residential burglaries:

August 28th - Dacusville Road, Marietta: Unknown person stole weed eater, leaf blower, various items and money.

August 23rd - White Horse Road Extension, Travelers Rest. Rear door pried open televisions, Play Station console, band saw, drill set stolen.

August 21st - White Horse Road Extension, Travelers Rest. Crook entered garage and a pickup truck but nothing was stolen.

August 20th - Fox Creek Court, Travelers Rest (off of White Horse Extension) Rear door glass broken to gain entry. Hiking duffel bag, cash and jewelry stolen.

August 16th - Ledbetter Road, Travelers Rest (off of Old White Horse Road) Front door forced open. Chain saw stolen.

August 14 - Geer Highway, Marietta. Someone attempted to pry open a steel door but couldn't get inside and entry was not made.

August 14 - White Horse Extension, Travelers Rest. Side door pried open to gain entry. Fishing poles, dishwasher, toolbox, tools, camera and vaccum cleaner stolen. Damage was done to the home's counter, walls, floor and door.

August 14 - Ruthledge Lake Road (off of Keeler Mill Road). Rear bathroom window pried open to gain entry. House was ransacked but nothing was stolen.

August 10 - Freeman Bridge Road, Marietta. Rear door pried open to gain entry. Organizer, seat cushions, various electronic items stolen.

August 9th - Styles Road, Travelers Rest. Side window pried open. 6 firearms and 2 BB guns stolen.

August 9th - Gap Creek Road, Marietta. Someone attempted to pry open a window but nothing was stolen.

August 9th - Persimmon Ridge Road, Cleveland. Entry was made through the front door. 4 pairs of hiking boots, a Direct TV receiver and a bottle of wine was stolen.

August 7th - Look Up Drive, Cleveland. Entry was made by way of a front door key. Binoculars, extension cord and a Christmas tree stolen.

August 6 - Goodwin Road, Travelers Rest. Front door forced open to gain entry. Purse, basket were stolen and recovered. An arrest for Possession of Meth and Conspiracy was made in relation to this incident.

August 2 - Junada Drive, Travelers Rest (off of Hwy 414). Rear door forced open and a television was stolen.

Watch for suspicious persons in your neighborhood and on your property. If you see anything or anyone suspicious don't bother calling the Greenville County Sheriff's non-emergency phone number because they tend to put people on hold up to 30 or 45 minutes before taking your call. Call 911 and a deputy should arrive within about twenty minutes to a half hour.

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