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Weekly Crime Report

Week of October 10 to October 19


  • October 12 - Old Buncombe Road, Greenville. Drug Arrest. Possession of Fentanyl and Heroin. 10:20 pm.

  • October 10 - Bates Crossing Road, Travelers Rest. Theft. Duke Energy electric meter stolen. 5 pm.

  • October 10 - Marked Beech Road, Marietta. Telecommunications service pedestal and service fiber optic wires damaged/cut.

  • October 12 - White Horse Road Extension, Travelers Rest. Industrial Fiber Optic Line cut from utility pole.

  • October 12 - Eastcliff Way, Berea section of Greenville. Theft From Vehicle. Black Rugger 380 handgun stolen from 2006 Nissan.

  • October 12 - Bates Road, Marietta. Equipment stolen. 2020 Kubota tractor, front loader, tiller, and attachments stolen from shed.

  • October 12 - Berkley Avenue, Sans Suci section of Greenville. Theft from Vehicle. Tablet, Knife, Sunglasses and Coins stolen from unlocked 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander.

  • October 13 - Colfax Lane, Greenville just outside city limits of Travelers Rest. Burglary/Breaking and Entering. Storage unit lock cut. Miscellaneous household items stolen and recovered.

  • October 14 - Parker Cone Way. Vehicle Theft. Brown 2013 VW Beetle stolen.

  • October 14 - White Horse Road Extension, Travelers Rest. Red Yamaha Banshee four wheeler stolen.

  • October 14 - Old Buncombe Road, Greenville. Theft From Vehicle. Golf clubs, baseball bats, chair, cigarettes and money stolen from 2012 Honda and unlocked 2006 Chevrolet.

  • October 15 - Claxton Drive, Greenville Berea section. Theft. White DCAR enclosed trailer, furniture, clothes stolen.

  • October 15 - Interurban Avenue, Greenville. Theft from vehicle. Money, cards, U.S employment card, purse stolen from unlocked 2013 Acura.

  • October 15 - Berkley Avenue, Sans Suci section of Greenville. Theft. Enclosed trailer, tools stolen from construction site.

  • October 16 - Tievoli Drive, Travelers Rest. Vehicle Theft. 2001 Ford F150 stolen and recovered.

  • October 15 - Lincoln Chapel Road, Travelers Rest. Burglary. Front door entered. 3 grass trimmers, 3 weed eaters, 3 backpack blowers and 3 chainsaws stolen.

  • October 17 - Duncan Road, Travelers Rest. Drug offense. Possession with intention to distribute Meth. Trespassing after notice.

  • October 18 - Newport Drive, Travelers Rest. Theft from vehicle. Taser stolen from 2022 Honda CRV.

  • October 19 - Moody Bridge Road, Cleveland. ARSON. Unknown "Person" set fire to an AT&T Cross Box containing fiber optic equipment.

  • October 19 - Poinsett Highway, Greenville. Intoxicated and Sleeping in Public.

  • October 19 - Pittman Drive, Greenville. Vehicle Theft. 2003 Gold Taurus stolen.

  • October 19 - Laurel Court, Travelers Rest. Vehicle Theft. 2007 white Ford F-150 stolen (off of White Horse Road Extension.

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