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The Lost Hiker Mystery

The Henderson County Sheriff's Office announces that they searched for a missing hiker over the weekend. Deputies say that the rescue squad responded to an area in North Carolina near the border with South Carolina. At the location, the rescue squad met with the Glassy Mountain Fire Department from South Carolina. Deputies say that they thought the hiker might have been on the Palmetto Trail. They add that the trail goes back and forth from South Carolina to North Carolina.

The hiker who told Greenville County deputies that they were lost never gave a name or location where they parked their vehicle. According to deputies, the hiker also never informed them where they entered the area other than a last known location of Old Highway 25 and Saluda Highway. Henderson County deputies say that it is their understanding that Greenville County flew over the area with their FLIR system but did not locate a heat signature that would indicate that a person was in the area.

A hasty search was done by fire, law enforcement and rescue personnel, according to deputies. This search was based on the limited information that they received. Deputies say that since they got no further intel or leads, they stood down until they received more information.

Right now, no one from any emergency services or first responders has given any indication that the person is still missing.

They add that there is no ongoing investigation unless they get more information to follow.

According to the Greenville County Sheriff's Office, deputies initially received a call on Saturday around 11:30 p.m. from someone who said they got lost while hiking.

Greenville County deputies said the hiker went missing from Henderson County, so they handled the incident.


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