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Slater-Marietta Community Meeting

Slater Marietta Community Association Agenda

Slater Hall Community Center 5 Whitney St. Slater, SC

Slater Hall Community Center 5 Whitney St. Slater, SC

Tuesday May 11th, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

Call meeting to order

Pledge of allegiance & Prayer

Approve April Community Meeting Minutes

Old Business

A. Library books moved & update

B. Transportation update: Repaving of Hwy. 276

C. Community Market update: Grand Opening

New business

A. Rebuild Upstate Partnership with Slater Marietta Community Association

B. We are accepting applications to replace 2 members rolling off this year.

** The election will be held at the regular community meeting in August.

C. Traffic Count scheduled for Midway and Ellen for speed bumps.

Special Speaker: Chief Adam Brown will discuss a Slater-Marietta Fire Department referendum proposal and he will be showing a powerpoint presentation.

Open Floor: Speakers are limited to 3 minutes.

Meeting adjourned.

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