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Slater-Marietta Community Association News

June Announcements:

June 4th Slater-Marietta Community Market at Jimi Turner Park from 4pm - 8pm. There will be Farmers, Craft Vendors, and Food. Come out and support your community. The Market is still in need of more vendors, volunteers, sponsorships, and donations. If you can help please contact Sarah Brown at 864-630-0680

June 5th Last day of School for Summer Break.

June 7th Fire Department Referendum Proposal Meeting at S/M Fire Department at 7pm

June 8th Community Association meeting at Slater Hall starting at 7pm with the Greenville County Planning Commission. Discussion will be concerning the Unified Development Plans for the entire County of Greenville.

June 9th, 10th, & 11th Vacation Bible School at Slater Church of God from 6pm - 8pm & Saturday June 12th from 11am.-1pm. Fun & Games at Slater Church of God.

Fall of 2021: SCDOT will start repaving part of Hwy. 276 in the Cleveland area from Hwy. 11 to the intersection where Hwy.276 & Hwy.11 split.

January 2022: SCDOT will start repaving Hwy. 276 from Chestnut Ridge to White Horse Rd. Ext.

Greenville County Rec. is in the process of replacing the windows on the second floor of Slater Hall. Disc Golf is being installed on the grounds of Slater Hall this summer.

Please contact us if you would like to announce your event. The Slater-Marietta Community Association has been very busy this year with many projects in the works thanks to our Community Leaders and Volunteers.

David Darnell with the Recreation Committee is working to replace the Basketball Court at Spring Park. The concrete pad is being donated and the SMCA is donating the basketball goal and backboard.

David Darnell along with other members of the community are supporting the efforts to re-establish the Slater-Marietta Youth Association. We want to thank David Darnell, Coaches, Parents, and the Children for participating this Spring.

Folks are working hard to bring T-Ball and Coaches Pitch for the youth in our community. Please reach out to David Darnell or the SMCA if you would like to Coach a team this coming Fall.

The SMCA has partnered with Rebuild Upstate and the Greenville Housing Coalition to assist residents in need with home repairs. We are passionate about helping our residents stay in their homes that would otherwise be condemned and torn down. Gentrification is hitting Greenville County hard with the prices of homes skyrocketing and a huge part of our community cannot afford to purchase a new home. Therefore, it is critical to help the families in our Communities from being displaced in the future by creating a Housing Preservation workgroup. Our hopes are to bring community volunteers and businesses together to address the need of home repairs for our community residents struggling to help themselves.

IF you own a business, do construction work, plumbing, or have carpenter skills and would like to join us in helping those in need of home repairs, then please reach out to us by calling 864-626-8571 or email us here.

Also, we are looking to bring more affordable housing to the area. It's a HUGE challenge for our community because without new housing and the lack of availability, then our family members have no choice but to move outside of our community. Please pray we can find the solutions for those that are facing future homelessness and/or displacement from our community.

There are many needs for the residents of Slater-Marietta and Cleveland and it's a heavy load to carry without the support of our County Administration, neighbors, churches, and organizations. We cannot help our community ALONE. It will take the efforts of many to make a difference for our communities. Please join us as we work to help our families and friends to better each other's lives together. Notice: We are taking applications to replace 2 Board members this coming August 2021. IF you have a passion for helping others or if you would like to make a difference, and if you would like to become a Board Member, Committee Leader, or Volunteer, then please contact us through email or call 864-626-8571.

Lastly, we want to give a huge thanks to each and every person that has supported the efforts by volunteering, donating monetarily, or cheered us on these past 2 years. We could not have made it this far without you. Special Thanks to the Ebenezer Lodge, Cooper Lodge, Anne Blythe, Frank Gosnell, Greenville County Council, Roberts Racing, and Pat for their donations in May. We are so very thankful and overwhelmed with gratitude for ALL the wonderful folks that support our communities.


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