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Slater-Marietta Community Association News

By Gina Hinton, Slater Marietta Community Association

I hope everyone is doing well, healthy, and safe. I am writing to invite you to the next Community Meeting scheduled next Tuesday, April 13th, 2021. We will meet at the Slater Hall Community Center at 7:00pm.

Community Market Update:

We have a wonderful group of volunteers working extremely hard preparing for the opening day of the Slater-Marietta Community Market. The Grand Opening is scheduled May 7th, 2021 from 4:00-8:00 pm at Jimi Turner Park (double fields). Mrs. Sarah Brown has been wonderful by taking on the position as Market Manager. If you would like to talk to her about the Market you can reach her at 864-630-0680. Check out the website at

A Big Shout out to all the vendors, volunteers, donors, sponsors, and supporters that have made the market a reality for the community to enjoy.

Community Market Food Vouchers

A community resident donated $5000.00 to start a Food Voucher Program for residents on limited income to purchase fresh produce at the Community Market. Residents living on limited income can receive $20.00 per month worth of Food Vouchers to purchase fresh produce at the Community Market. Residents can qualify at Foothills Family Resoources.

* We are still looking for vendors selling plants, veggies, processed foods, bakers, artisans, woodworkers, musicians, jewelry makers, and more. Please let us know if you would like to participate as a vendor or volunteer. All help is welcome.

Library Books April 17th, 2021... Volunteers will be meeting at Foothills Family Resources at 9:00am to move the Library Books to their new location beside the Slater Drug Store. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer. Foothills Family Resources is located at 3 Main St. Slater, SC 29683

Community Meeting Workshops This month we will be holding a workshop focusing on community infrastructure and asking for community input. Due to recent heavy flooding and the severe storm damage last Fall, secondary roads have areas in need of attention and require work order requests called or emailed to the County or SCDOT.

SCDOT Pickens Greenville Maintenance Maintenance (864) 859-0039 (864) 241-1224 975 Breazeale Road 13 Saluda Dam Rd Liberty, SC 29657. Greenville, SC Mailing Address: Construction P.O. Box 877 (864) 241-1024

Construction 252 S. Pleasantburg (864) 859-0034 Greenville, SC COUNTY

A County road (roads without yellow lines) maintenance request can be made by calling Greenville County Public Works Division at 864.467.7016. You can read more information by visiting:

We will have open discussion regarding sidewalks and lighting and how we can work together to form an alliance to improve focus areas throughout the community.

Focus Areas?

Slater Mill Village ?

Pumpkintown Hwy.?

Hwy. 276 from Bridge to end of 4 lane Hwy. ?

Spring Park ?

In order to get new sidewalks on Pumpkintown Rd behind Burger King and other areas, we are required to form a petition for residents and supporters to sign. Then, we will have to contact Greenville County Transportation for a work request along with the petition. We can also put in requests to repair existing sidewalks, but it takes the efforts of the entire community to make it happen. We need you and your support to get it done.

Recreation: Splash Pad

Karen Holmes with the Lions Club came to the Board meeting last Monday to discuss ideas for a Community Splash Pad. The Lions Club along with our support can align together with other organizations to help bring this dream a reality. The community has shown a lot of interest in a Splash Pad for future recreation.

How can we come together to help fund this project?

Fundraisers? Grants? Private Donations? Sponsorships?

We Cannot do it without your help!!!

Community news and events:

*The Marietta Laundromat is now open.

*Foothills Family Resources $5 Bag Sale

April 23rd, 2021 from 8:30 to 12:00

*The Bulls & Barrels Rodeo scheduled April 30th & May 1st at 8:00 pm at Robertson’s Farm 707 Pumpkintown Rd. Marietta, SC

* Wet Knot Farms lost everything during the last flood. Ian and Rachel are residents in Slater and have three young boys. They need our support in every way to recover from their losses. To learn more check out their Facebook page or website at They are selling T-shirts under the Merch tab and there is a GOFUND me page on their Facebook. They were able to relocate to Beaver Dam Rd. in Travelers Rest and they are asking for volunteers to help clean up the new location Saturday April 10th at 9:00am.

* Estrada Farms located on Pumpkintown Hwy. is hiring for full farm laborers. 40 hrs. per week; Pay starts at $11.00 per hr.

Thank you all for so much for your support!


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