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RFK Jr Visits Greenville

Democratic candidate for President of the United States, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., held a town meeting at Zen Greenville earlier this week. Bobby Brookshire Photo.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., held a town meeting at Zen Greenville earlier this week as part of his campaign for the Democratic nomination for President. Kennedy was joined by his wife, actress Cheryl Hines. Kennedy, the son of U.S Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy Sr., and the nephew of President John F. Kennedy, told the crowd of over 200 people, that the nation needs new leadership in the White House to tackle the economy.

"The two major candidates are running on the idea that they brought prosperity to our country," Kennedy said, "But, as I travel around South Carolina and other states, I'm not seeing many Americans enjoying that kind of prosperity. I'm seeing people sitting at their kitchen tables wondering how they are going to pay the bills."

"The average income in this country is now $5,000 less than the average cost of living for basic human needs - food, transportation and housing," Kennedy added.

Kennedy's campaign has been gaidning wide spread support from Democrats, Republicans and Independents. As he spoke some members of the Greenville crowd held up photos of his late father and uncle who he referenced throughout the night. "All of the causes I believe in are the same causes that my uncle and Robert Kennedy believed in. And if you go down the list of the things they cared about, I would check every single box," he said.

Kennedy said he would secure the nation's borders if elected but he did not reveal how he would go about doing it. He also discussed how wars have affected Americans. "if we had not spent $8 trillion on the wars, you know what we could have done? We could hjave provided childcare for every couple with children so they could go to work. We could have given education to every student in America for free," he said.

Kennedy also said the Democratic party has moved too far to the left and if elected, he will bring the party back to the way it was when his uncle was president.

Kennedy also said the Biden Administration refused to grant him Secret Service protection. His statement has been attacked by the Biden friendly media's "fact checkers" who have pointed out Secret Service protection is handled by the director of Homeland Security. Actually, the director of Homeland Security is a Biden appointee and the Biden administration controls the agency just as it controls the judicial department.

Earlier in Iowa, Kennedy was asked why he is running for president. “I’m running for president because I feel like I’m losing my country and because I feel like the Democratic party is going in a bad direction. In particular, it has become the party of war – the Ukraine war is an unnecessary war," he said. “It has become the party of censorship. It’s become the party of a pugnacious neocon-driven foreign policy and a Wall Street-driven domestic policy. Those are all the opposite of the Democratic party that I grew up with, so I’m running to bring the party back to its traditional values. Democrats, once the party of the poor and middle class, now own most of the nation’s wealth."

Robert F. Kennedy is pictured above during his Town Hall meeting earlier this week. Bobby Brookshire Photo.


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