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Huge Update Released In Edna Suttles Disappearance


Pictured above left to right: Edna Suttles age 80, Nancy Selllers Rego age 66, Daniel Glenn Printz age 59

After months of silence from law enforcement concerning the 2021 disappearance of Edna Suttles of Highway 25, Travelers Rest a major update was released on Tuesday (March 15th) by way of the unsealing of a FBI search warrant. Suttles was last seen leaving her home in her Jeep Grand Cherokee last August. She was reported as missing and the Greenville County Sheriff's Office started an investigation. Now her disappearance is possibly linked with the 2017 disappearance of Nancy Sellers Rego of Charlotte, NC and suspect Daniel Glenn Printz of Rutherford County, NC.

Greenville County's Sheriff Office initiated the Edna Suttles investigation by attempting to locate the retired bail bonds company owner with interviews with family members and friends. The FBI search warrant stated those efforts resulted in no results. In early September a major break developed in the City of Travelers Rest when a TRPD officer conducted a routine patrol of business parking lots. The officer discovered Suttles' Jeep in the Best Western hotel parking lot on Hawkins Road. Review of hotel security cameras revealed a man wiping fingerprints from the vehicle and walking toward a nearby grocery store parking lot.

The FBI search warrant states, "Law enforcement conducted reviews of August 26, 2021 (the date of Suttles' disappearance) security video tapes from the hotel, the grocery store and an antique shop located next door to Suttles' home. Investigators developed the following time line:

9:22 a.m - A Chevrolet Cruze pulled into the grocery store parking lot.

9:30 a.m - Suttles drove away from her home in her Jeep Grand Cherokee.

9:38 a.m - A man later identified as Daniel Printz, purchased a package of yogurt at the grocery store and scanned his frequent shopper card during checkout.

9:39 a.m - Suttles parked her Jeep Grand Cherokee in the grocery store parking lot near the Chevrolet Cruze at the front of the parking lot near the store. Daniel Printz exits the store holding a grocery bag and gestured toward Suttles. Printz walks past Suttles' vehicle and gets inside the Chevrolet Cruze. He retrieved a small bag from the Chevrolet Cruze and moved toward Suttles' vehicle and gets inside the front passenger seat. A short time later Printz leaves with Suttles in her Jeep.

1:43 p.m - Suttles' vehicle pulls away from her residence and heads towards the grocery store in Travelers Rest.

2:02 p.m - Suttles' vehicle enters the parking lot at the grocery store and parked. Printz exits Suttles' vehicle from the driver's door and walks across the parking lot to the Chevrolet Cruze and enters the vehicle. He drives the vehicle and parks adjacent to Suttles' vehicle and assists with Suttles' transfer to the Cruze (due to the distance in the parking lot it was not clear as to how much assistance Suttles needs.)

2:07 p.m - Printz left Suttles inside his car walks back to the driver's door of Suttles' vehicle and drives her vehicle to the Best Western parking lot. Video footage shows Printz wiping fingerprints from Suttles' vehicle and then walking back to his car in the grocery parking lot. He entered his Chevrolet Cruze and drives away with a motionless Edna Suttles."

The grocery store frequent customer card was used by law enforcement to identify Printz. The Greenville County Sheriff's Office issued an arrest warrant for Printz for Grand Larceny based on video of him driving Suttles' vehicle. On September 9, 2021 Printz was arrested by the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office at his home on Kiser Road, Bostic, NC. During the arrest a state search warrant was executed at Printz' home. Multiple firearms and electronic devices were discovered during the initial search. This led to Printz being arrested for several state firearm violations.

During the search deputies discovered a driver's license and passport issued to Nancy Rego, a 66 year old Charlotte NC woman who has been missing since 2017. Deputies also discovered Rego's bank statement and other financial items as well as her wallet. When questioned, Printz said he had been appointed Rego's power of attorney over Rego's affairs. Investigators discovered power of attorney documents in probate court files. They also contacted Rego's family who said Rego was in a relationship with Printz and they had text messages from someone claiming to be Rego in the past but the individual refused to meet with or speak to any family members. Deputies obtained another search warrant and seized the mentioned items belonging to Rego plus a purse belonging to Rego's mother. They also seized such items as a black bag containing numerous zip ties, a taser, lubrication, and crushed pills in a plastic bag labeled "Ativan." Also discovered were prescription meds identified as Cylobenzaprine, Tramadol HCL, and Lorazepam which were all dated 2017.

After Printz was arrested, his wife (only identified as K.K in search warrant documents) prepared to move to Michigan and on October 9, 2021 a person was helping her move some fowl or poultry from the property. That person noticed a bee box, used for raising bees, about 75 yards from the house. The box was locate in a remote section of the Printz property and was surrounded by trees. The person moved the box and discovered a woman's purse, zip ties, and some medications hidden inside the box. The person notified Rutherford County Sheriff's office who obtained another search warrant. Investigators discovered the purse belonged to Edna Suttles and also discovered her Jeep Cherokee keys and various other items belonging to the Travelers Rest woman. Also they discovered an empty yogurt container inside the bee box. They also found an interior vehicle panel along with a black trash bag and a tarp. The empty yogurt container was sent to SLED in South Carolina and was found to contain traces of Cylobenzaprine, Tramadol and Lorazepam. One day later a K-9 trained to alert of human decomposition commonly called a cadaver dog was brought to the location by Greenville County Sheriff's Office investigators. The K-9 assisted in searching the property for human remains. Even though human remains were not discovered, the K-9 produced a strong alert in the area where the vehicle panel, black trash bag and tarp were found.

Investigators interviewed Printz in mid September and he admitted he traveled from North Carolina to South Carolina on August 27th but he claimed he left Suttles at her residence after leaving the grocery store in Travelers Rest. He said he considered her a friend and had visited her several times in August, 2021. In mid October investigators interviewed Printz again and confronted him with the newly discovered evidence on his property relating to the disappearance of Edna Suttles. Printz said knowing he would probably spend the rest of his life in prison and he wanted to come forward with his sins. He said he wanted to come clean in the future with an attorney present with things that weren't even on the police radar. According to the search warrant document Printz said, "I assisted a friend in the euthanisa of a family member, that is one body." Then he said, "but the friend got scared and wanted to tell, so that is the second body." Printz went on to tell investigators of another friend that wanted to help and ended up dying. Printz did not report the death because he wanted to keep the friend's social security benefits for himself. He went on to describe a robbery attempt which didn't turn out good for the robber. He said after the robbery attempt he drove to a remote area and disposed of the body. When asked about Edna Suttles, Printz refused to provide any other information but did say he could take law enforcement within three feet of Suttles' location.

Printz' property was sold in January 2022. He remains in custody. Suttles and Rego are still missing.


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