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Greenville Water Scammers Are Active In Travelers Rest

A Travelers Rest woman recently reported scammers that were pretending to be employees of Greenville Water knocked on her door and attempted to enter her home under the premise that they needed to come inside and test her water. She said both individuals were wearing Greenville Water shirts but she became suspicious when she did not see a Greenville Water Vehicle outside and refused to let them in her house. The incident happened at about 9 p.m.

The male and female suspects do not work for Greenville Water. The utility company said their crews will never try to gain access to a property without prior authorization or a scheduled appointment initiated by the customer.

Utility customers should always verify the identification of all utility employees coming to their homes.

Greenville Water employees drive distinctively marked vehicles, wear uniforms with Greenville Water logo patches and carry a Greenville Water photo identification card. Greenville Water says their employees will never come to a customer's home after 5 pm, unless there is an emergency or the customer has made a request for service.



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