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Community Attempts To Bring Back Slater-Marietta High

The Slater-Marietta Community Association is trying to "bring back" Slater-Marietta High School and at least one Greenville County Councilman will present a resolution to County County in support of the idea. Slater-Marietta High School was closed in 1973 and students were merged with Travelers Rest High School. Community members claim the School District promised them a new Slater Marietta High School would be build. The association posted the following on their Facebook page this week:

"A Call for Help….The SMCA has been working to make improvements in our community and plan for the future.

One of the plans is getting a high school back in Slater Marietta. While we are in the planning phase for the future, the SMCA has asked Councilman Joe Dill to help S/M encourage Greenville County Council and the GC School District to rebuild Slater-Marietta High School to accommodate the future growth in Northern Greenville County.

In an unpredictable year with the future election and so much work left to do, Councilman Joe Dill is drawing up a resolution for a future high school to present to Council next Tuesday, April 5th. at County Square located at 300 University Ridge Greenville, SC

Can you help us?

We’re asking members of the community to join us at County Square next Tuesday in show of support for a future High School.

Anyone can sign up between 5:00-5:30 to speak to Council.

We need your support and we need your voice. We will be wearing Green shirts (Green Wave) as a symbol of our community (Not Required).

The Slater-Marietta High School was the heart of our community up until it closed in the 1970’s. Greenville County said they would rebuild in the future, but here we are 50 years later."


Apr 05, 2022

Research the promise made 50 years ago. Someone told a story


Apr 01, 2022

Bring the GREENWAVE back. Larry


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