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Abigail Hickey Named Miss TRHS 2022

Junior Abigail Hickey was named Miss TRHS 2022 recently. Tori Goldsmith was named Miss Senior, Madison Willis was named Miss Junior, Elizabeth McNeill was named Miss Sophomore, and Riley Hartin was named Miss Freshman.

Full Results:


  • Miss Senior - Tori Goldsmith

  • 1st Runner-up, Best Eyes, and Best Smile - Taylor Smith

  • 2nd Runner-up, Photogenic Award, and Best Hair - Meccia Wyatt

  • 3rd Runner-up and Director's Award - Lauren Epps

  • Miss Congeniality - Lola Burrell


  • Miss Junior, Miss Congeniality, and Best Smile - Madison Willis

  • 1st Runner-up - Hallie Bishop

  • Photogenic Award and Best Hair - Makenzie Clayton

  • Best Eyes - Jordan Dixon


  • Miss Sophomore, Photogenic Award, Best Eyes, and Best Smile - Elizabeth McNeill

  • 1st Runner-up - Lydia Lang

  • 2nd Runner-up, Director's Award, and People's Choice - Kaitlyn Watson

  • 3rd Runner-up - Ella Cox

  • Director's Award - Caroline Harris

  • Miss Congeniality - Milla Doughtery

  • Best Hair - Kaelyn Simpson


  • Miss Freshman - Riley Hartin

  • 1st Runner-up and Ad Winner - Carly Anderson

  • 2nd Runner-up - Juliana Florence

  • 3rd Runner-up - Addy Bowers

  • Director's Award and Miss Congeniality - Peyton Roselli

  • Photogenic Award, Best Hair, Best Eyes, and Best Smile - Carson Tilley


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