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Northern Greenville County Road Closures Due To Flooding

Today's scene of flood waters in Marietta where the North Saluda River swelled over its banks.  Pictured here is the flood waters behind the Dollar General Store on Geer Highway.  Photo by Roger Jewell

According to SCDOT the following northern Greenville County roads are closed due to flooding.

Groce Meadow Road at Mays Bridge Road, closed due to flooding.

North River Road and Tilley Road, Marietta both closed due to flooding.

Bates Bridge Road from Slater Road to Highway 414 closed due to flooding.

Dividing Water Road closed due to flooding.

Freeman Bridge Road, from county line, all lanes blocked due to flooding.

Hart Cut Road from Highway 11 to Ward Drive closed for flooding.

North Tigerville Road from Highway 11 to North Greenville University closed due to flooding.

Parnell Bridge Road all lanes blocked, closed for flooding.

Tubbs Mountain Road from Hillside Road closed due to flooding.

Cunningham Road and Drake Road, road closed due to road wash out.

SWIFT WATER RESCUE Bates Bridge Road, vehicle submerged in water.

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