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Vandals Responsible For Damages To Spectrum, AT&T Fiber Optic Wires In Northern Greenville County

Acts of vandalism to Spectrum and AT&T fiber optic service lines causing interruptions of internet, television and phone services have been reported within a five mile radius of northern Greenville County within a twenty day period.

18 incidents have been reported from September 23 to October 12 where fiber optic service lines and service boxes have been cut and damaged. Those incidents are listed as: September 23 service cable was stolen from an AT&T communication line box on Duncan Road, Travelers Rest; September 27, 400 block of Tigerville Road, Travelers Rest; September 28 Jones Kelly Road, Travelers Rest; October 1 900 block of Dacusville Road, Marietta; October 2, Circle Drive, Travelers Rest fiber optic cable cut; October 2, Highway 25 By-Pass fiber optic cable cable cut; October 2, Palafox Drive, Marietta fiber optic cable damaged; October 2, 3800 block of Geer Highway, Marietta; October 2, Perro Lane, Marietta; October 3, Hawkins Hill Road, Travelers Rest; October 7, 1400 block of Geer Highway, Travelers Rest; October 7, Pumpkintown Road, Marietta; October 7 400 block of Old Hunts Bridge Road, Greenville; October 7, 100 block Shipman Road, Marietta; October 11, Rock Quarry Road, Travelers Rest communications fiber optic cables damaged; October 11, Dacusville Road, Marietta service box opened and fiber optic cables were cut and damaged; October 12 intersection of Keeler Mill Road and Geer Highway fiber optic line equipment stolen from service pole.

Such reports of vandalism to internet, television and phone fiber optic service lines have been reported in various parts of the nation. Last year in Mississippi thefts of internet fiber optic cable connection boxes resulting in $100,000 in damages and delays and disruptions to customers in Lee County. Approximately 12 service boxes were stolen or damaged in those incidents. Offenders of these crimes faced felony malicious mischief/vandalism. Major outages in Queens, New York have been caused by vandalism and cut service lines. About a half dozen service lines were cut in portions of California where the FBI is investigating. People arrested for these crimes face heavy fines and or serious jail time.

If you see suspicious vehicles or people around any internet, television, phone or communications service boxes contact the Greenville County Sheriff's Office and attempt to record any suspicious vehicle tag numbers.


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