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The Vault Page Update: Two 1976 Editions With The Nachman Transcripts Exposing Corruption

1976 was an important year in Greenville County. It was an election year and a very important primary and general election was held and even more important, Sheriff Cash Williams was seeking re-election.

Larry Atkins, publisher and editor of The Monitor, had exposed corruption within Williams' office for several years. 1976 added more fuel to the Atkins - Williams feud. Atkins obtained transcripts from investigator Ivan Nachman. The transcripts came from what were called "The Nachman Tapes". The tapes were made during sworn affidavits as Nachman interviewed deputies concerning corruption within the William administration. Nachman was hired by Sheriff Williams to investigate the sheriff's office and when Nachman found too much, he was fired by Williams. The investigator implied and warned Williams of organized crime in Greenville County which the sheriff denied.

We have updated our "The Vault" page with the first two editions of January. The January 1, 1976 edition includes Nauchman transcripts dealing with deputies meeting with Jackie Delk and that meeting involved plans of certain deputies planning to assist Delk with robbing the Bank of Travelers Rest. We should add here that while Nauchman's investigations led to charges against several deputies, a judge and the circuit solicitor dropped those charges for a lack of evidence. The January 17, 1976 edition includes transcripts presenting the deputies' involvement in a burglary of a drug store in Berea. These crimes have been discussed in the popular podcast Murder Etc.

Additional 1976 editions will be posted, including the Nauchman transcripts, in the near future. To visit The Vault click here


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