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Man Rescued From Upper Wildcat Falls

Rescuers from River Falls Fire Department, Slater-Marietta Fire Department, and Greenville County EMS were dispatched to Upper Wildcat Falls in northern Greenville County on Sunday May 30th in response to a 22 year old man falling over 30 feet from the top of the waterfall. The call for help was dispatched at 1:38 Sunday afternoon. A Greenville County MedTrans helicopter was immediately placed on standby to launch for the eleven minute flight to the incident area. North Greenville Fire Department was dispatched to Slater-Marietta to handle any other SMFD calls during the waterfall emergency. MedTrans was launched at 1:50 pm and Highway 276 was closed and used as a landing zone. Officials eventually moved the chopper to a field off the highway during patient extrication.

At 1:55 rescuers entered the Yellow Trail just off Highway 276/11. A group of people that was with the patient told rescuers that the victim was almost halfway down the waterfall and was unconscious but was breathing. They said he was believed to have suffered compound fractures.

At 3:55 pm the rescuers had exited the woods with the victim and loaded him in the helicopter which transported him to Greenville Memorial Hospital.

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