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High School Football Forecast

After two weeks of high school football around these parts we are beginning to see the have's and the ain't got its emerge after a few ain't got its staged some upsets but eventually those teams will settle down to traditional ways. Here is this week's batch of wisdom.

Travelers Rest was a puzzle last week. The Devildogs actually led Wade Hampton in the first quarter before some ol' ref heard thunder and thought he saw lightning and sent the teams off the field for fine tuning lectures. TR for reasons unknown abandoned a successful running game and went to the airways which resulted in more incompletions than a fan can stand. The defense melted when - for the second straight week - the opposition attempted and won onside kick attempts in order to run the score up and impress the pollsters. The effort drained the life out of the defense but the pollsters didn't pay attention and neither Riverside or Wade Hampton are in the statewide weekly poll. This Friday TR hosts Palmetto's 1-1 Mustangs. Palmetto has been outscored 64-41 in their first two games, that's nothing - TR has been outscored 110-49. It takes guts to show up after those first two games. But, believe it or not TR hasn't played that bad. Take away Wade Hampton's onside kick and a pass interception and a few TR penalties and TR could have pulled out a win. Palmetto doesn't even have that excuse, bad is as bad does. TR also had several players that were carted off the field last week. If healthy come Friday, TR just might win if they don't abandon a successful running game for no danged reason! Prediction Palmetto 33 TR 31.

Blue Ridge is 2-0 can you believe it? Live it up Tigers, Greer is next and the Yellow Jackets are tired of being stomped on this season. I think the Greer honey bees will be more like wet hornets come Friday. Prediction Greer 47 Blue Ridge 3.

Riverside has scored 68 points so far this season. Big deal, 61 came against TR. The Warriors are looking to whomp Woodmont on Friday but Riverside will need shock treatments after this one. Woodmont 28 Riverside 0.

Considering how Wade Hampton was celebrating last Friday that they almost couldn't find their bus to leave TR, I will have to say the sense of direction will fail again this week. If the Generals try that onsides kick run the score up on the Easley people they will get their lunch handed to them. But I don't think so. Wade Hampton 21 Easley 20.

Other predictions:

Berea 16 Carolina (low country, not the Anderson Road bunch) 14

Byrnes 33 Greenville 20

Woodmont 26 Riverside 0

Wade Hampton 21 Easley 20

Eastside 18 Liberty 14

Pickens 44 Southside 16

Seneca 26 Wren 14

Pee Dee 21 Carolina (the Anderson Road bunch) 0

Crescent 28 Fountain Inn 0

Spartanburg 30 Broome 0


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