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High School Football Forecast

That sound of rolling thunder last Friday night was really the sound of Chico Bolin rolling over in his grave as the Travelers Rest Devildogs fell hard to Riverside over in East Greenville 61-21. That same sound was heard earlier in the month when TR's new head coach told the Greenville News, “We aren't a good football team but we have a good program.” That isn't what one would expect to hear from a head coach except for John McKay when he coached Tampa Bay in the NFL when he said such things as, “We are absolutely horrible and that's about the best I can say. Besides that we are really bad. We can't tackle but we make up for it by not blocking. There were times when I thought about leaving and hitchhiking home.”

When the average stay at home fan sees the final score of 61-21 they probably think TR is lousy. That assumption would not be correct. Riverside's backfield was fast, much faster than TR's defense. Add to that statement with the facts the game officials aided and abetted Riverside every chance they got, and Riverside's unsportsmanlike behavior with an onside kick to run the score up and you will understand the loss, somewhat.

What penalties, you might ask. Out of TR's first six offensive plays the Devildogs were penalized four times. I need not say more - but I will.

What onsides kick? Deep inside the second quarter, Riverside went up 21-8 and added insult to injury by attempting an onsides kick, recovering the kick and scoring again for a 27-8 lead. And they went on to rack up 61 points before calling off the dogs. Riverside dropped from AAAAA to AAAA this year. Why is there a AAAAA classification in South Carolina, well, we think the SC High School League saw Georgia had that classification so they wanted one too. TR was dropped from AAAA to the AAA ranks this year, for no reason that we can see. But TR didn't want to rock the Region 3 AAA boat and went with the majority – everyone in Region 3 AAA lost with the exception of Blue Ridge who evidently didn't get the memo.

TR hosts Wade Hampton this week and the Generals were shell shocked by the Seneca Bobcats last week. The Generals will be coming to Chico Bolin Stadium thinking, “If Riverside can do it, we can too........did anyone hear that thunder?” But TR was just laying back last week thinking their one sided loss would catch Wade Hampton napping this week. If a different officiating crew is assigned to this game and the creeks don't rise, TR could bounce back with a stunning win. Besides, Wade Hampton could arrive and see the blue and gold uniforms and will have flashbacks of the blue and gold Seneca Bobcats and will get back on the bus and head for home, three quarters later TR goes up 6-0 after the two point conversion failed.

Prediction – Wade Hampton 34 Travelers Rest 30.

Blue Ridge was the only Region 3 AAAA team to win last week. The Tigers downed Chesnee in overtime in a high scoring affair. We want to address the wicked rumor that late in the game a car alarm sounded and Chesnee's boys thought the game was over and went home.........23 plays later Blue Ridge scored the winning touchdown and their winning margin could have been higher if they hadn't missed the two point conversion. This week Blue Ridge takes on the Liberty Red Devils who ran it up on Liberty 17-6 last week. Live it up BR, Geer comes after this one.

Prediction – Blue Ridge 42 Liberty 14

Other predictions Read 'em and weep!

J.L Mann 61 Riverside 21

Greenville 21 T.L Hanna 20

Woodruff 31 Fountain Inn 6

Greer 28 Hillcrest 26

West Oak 20 Carolina 7

Christ Church 36 Southside 14

Franklin County 44 Pickens 0

Daniel 34 Hart County 7

Byrnes 40 Chapman 12


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