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Football Forecast

Travelers Rest will be hosting their homecoming crowd tonight as the Eastside Eagles will be coming to town for a game of football. Last week while Travelers Rest was getting whipped by a bunch of Wildcats from Woodmont 49-29 the Eagles were ripping up Blue Ridge 37-20. I can't figure out why or how Eastside managed to beat Blue Ridge last week but maybe Travelers Rest can find out tonight. Last week the Fighting Tigers held a decent lead over Eastside early in the second quarter, then the streaming feed went blank and the remainder of the contest was blacked out, perhaps Eastside pulled the plug on the camera so their destruction of the Tiger team couldn't go public. Prediction - Eastside 49-TR 29.

Broome visits Berea and Berea was shutout at home against Wade Hampton 56-0. If the Bulldogs can get whipped by some ol' Confederate General then a Broome Centurian should not have any trouble either. Last week at Berea the game was "televised" by the federation of high school folks but for reasons unknown the camera was positioned way back near the parking lot. Nobody watching on the TV could see anything. After two bad experiences of trying to watch local games being streamed I am positive that camera operations should be taught in public schools.........................somehow nobody has decent batteries to operate the camera and only Blue Ridge knows how to use a zoom lens whenever their camera works. Ok, prediction on this one should be bad for Berea. Broome fell to Union last week but played respectfully. Prediction, Broome 47 Berea 7.

Blue Ridge takes on Wade Hampton which lost to Eastside which beat Blue Ridge. BR has a great ground game and a speedy running back. Wade Hampton likes to run scores up with onside kicks.....................................Eastside racked up three unsportsmanlike penalties last week over in Tigertown which may have shaken Blue Ridge. But I like BR this year and I reckon they can handle the Generals. Prediction Blue Ridge 20 Wade Hampton 16.

Here's some more predictions

Greer 63 Boiling Springs 20

Greenville 68 Mann 6

Spartanburg 77 Riverside 7

Clinton 20 Chapman 14

Sumter 101 Carolina 2


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