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Double Murder Raises Questions About 2020 Nebling Disappearance

Pictured above left to right: Jorden Nebling, Tyler Wilkins and Clarissa Winchester

MARIETTA, SC - Last Wednesday night Greenville County deputy sheriffs responded to Sawmill Road in the Marietta area concerning a missing young woman. When deputies arrived they discovered the dead bodies of Clarissa Winchester and her recently born son Grayson Kane Winchester. Tyler Wilkins, 21 of Greenville (warrants state an address in Greenville) was charged with the murders. Wilkins was Clarissa Winchester's boyfriend and the father of Grayson Kane Wilkins. Wilkins is being held at the Greenville County Detention Center without bond. He is accused to trapping the Winchester woman in the home, assaulting her and causing blunt force trauma to her head and neck which resulted in death. In addition to the murders Wilkins was also charged with kidnapping, and neglecting the newborn child.

After the murders hit the newswires the step mother of Jorden Nebling, a missing person since October 2020 has told media outlets that Wilkins was also the boyfriend of Jorden Nebling at the time of her disappearance and was the last person to see her since the disappearance. Jorden Nebling is still missing but the Greenville County Sheriff's Office has not confirmed any of the step mother's information. The step mother is Mary Tucker. Transparency is not a big issue with the sheriff's office at times.

Court records indicate Wilkins was charged with attempted murder along with other charges of possession of a deadly weapon and domestic violence in late 2021 and released on a bond of over $4,000 in January of this year. Facebook posts indicate the property on Sawmill Road were searched by county deputies with K-9s some time ago in efforts to locate Jorden Nebling. It is uncertain why none of the previously mentioned information concerning Wilkins and Nebling has not been made public by law enforcement or Mary Tucker prior to last week's murders.

According to Fox News, Tucker told the news agency last week that Wilkins picked up Nebling when her car broke down on the day she went missing. Fox also reported Tucker told them as well as investigators Wilkins and Nebling had gotten in a fight after he had driven her to his place. Wilkins reportedly said Nebling left his place and he didn't know where she went. Nobody has seen her since. Wilkins has not been charged with anything related to the Nebling case.

According to Facebook posts a GoFundMe fund has been established for Winchester and her son titled "Clarissa and Grayson Kane Winchester Fund" to help with funeral expenses.


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