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Travelers Rest High School Has Two Upcoming Important Anniversaries

Travelers Rest High School has two important upcoming athletic anniversaries. On September 22nd the Travelers Rest Devildog mascot turns 70 years old! On September 22, 1950 members of the Travelers Rest High School football team voted to become the Travelers Rest Devildogs (not Devil Dogs but Devildogs). 1950 was Chico Bolin's second season as head football coach and the team competed in 1949 without an official nickname. This would become the school's third nickname. The school's athletic nickname was Purple Flashes and also Swamp Rabbits under former head football, basketball, baseball coach Otis "Blackie" Carter from 1926-1930.

Another anniversary comes up on November 5th. On November 5, 1950 the Travelers Rest hosted its first ever night football game as the Devildogs took on Mountain View. A large pre-game ceremony was held and was followed by a 19-12 Devildog victory. Travelers Rest businesses donated the funds for the lights.

Frankie Edwards scored Travelers Rest's first home night game touchdown on that memorable night.

It is not known if any official celebration will be held to observe either of the anniversaries this fall.

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