By - Roger Jewell, Publisher

Recently, South Carolina District 5 Senator, Tom Corbin posted a chart on his campaign's Facebook page. He claims this chart proves his opponent, John B. White, is lying about his attendance record. The chart as a stand alone item looks impressive enough with over 90% attendance marks. But actually, Mr. Corbin is banking on the people being too danged lazy to check the facts. If you check the S.C Senate's 2015 legislative record (it is on public record) you will see Mr. Corbin did actually miss very few days on duty in the Senate, but if you look at a breakdown of the number of votes Mr. Corbin missed during those few absences you will see he missed over 195 votes! Most of those votes were revenue item votes and the people of District were not represented for those votes because Mr. Corbin chose not to show up for work. Corbin is the one that is telling talltales and uses only half truths in his "proof that White is lying." It is time for the Deacon of Clearview Baptist to restudy his Sunday School lessons. He is playing the public as fools.

Mr. Corbin is also attacking John B. White's profession as a trial lawyer. Corbin talks like trial lawyers are some pretty bad folks. What you should as Mr. Corbin is this, if trial lawyers are so terrible Tom, why did you appoint one as a Greenville County magistrate? The fact is, Tom Corbin removed a respectable judge from office so that he could appoint a trial lawyer from Greer to that job, the same trial lawyer that gave him a very heavy hunk of campaign money.

Don't be fooled by the incombent's lies. John B. White is a man of integrity and is the right man for the job as your South Carolina Senator in District 5.