By - Roger Jewell, Publisher

In June, voters in northern Greenville County will go to the polls and vote in the South Carolina Republican Primary. One very important race is for South Carolina Senate in District 5. District 5 covers most of northern Greenville County as well as northeastern Spartanburg County. Two candidates will be on the ballot. Tom Corbin wants you, the voters to rehire him as your District 5 state senator. And if he wins the primary, he reclaims his job in the statehouse by default because there is no candidate from the Democratic Party. Corbin is being challenged by Landrum attorney John B. White Jr and this race could be a tight battle, if voters in northern Greenville County disregard church social politics and vote responsibly, Mr. White will be a worthy representative for us. Look at it this way. If you owned a business, you would expect your employee to work for you and not special interest groups that might offer that employee some side money to work for the things they want. You would also expect your employee to show up for work. In 2015 Senator Tom “Deacon” Corbin missed over 193 votes when he didn’t show up for work in the senate. That means 193 votes were taken and District 5 was not represented during those votes. It is all in the legislative report if you care to check. It is on public record. His absences were “excused” by the senate but that doesn’t replace the fact that in 2015 Tom Corbin was not on the job when those 193 matters came up for vote. According to Facebook postings on Mr. Corbin’s campaign page, the senator claims those abscences were due to family illnesses, family medical emergencies, his own bout with the flu and there was the important Confederate flag vote that he missed when he decided a vacation was more important than doing his elected duty. The people of District 5 elected Mr. Corbin to represent them in the statehouse, there was no fine print on the ballot stating he only had to serve whenever it was convenient for him or his family. To Tom Corbin, his personal life comes before you, the people of this great district. But the absences do not stop there. Mr. Corbin has also missed several debates against Mr. White in recent weeks. No, there were no excuses of family illnesses or emergencies from Mr. Corbin, instead, he posted on his Facebook account that there was no need for the debates because he had already been in one or two of those things. By skipping out of those debates, Mr. Corbin stole your right to experience a comparison between the two candidates. Maybe Mr. Corbin was afraid to face the questions about his past experiences in the senate such as the 2015 incident that made international headlines. You don’t know about that one? That was when Mr. Corbin said, “Women are just a cheaper cut of meat.” He laughed that statement off as a joke but then came a vote that really should matter to all of us, especially women. Earlier this year Mr. Corbin voted against the Cervical Cancer Prevention Act. The bill passed, but Mr. Corbin was one of the few senators that voted against the act which allows DHEC to administer cervical cancer prevention vaccinations to school girls. He will tell you that he voted for that bill. Actually, he voted in favor of the third reading, a watered down version of the original. Mr. Corbin will tell you he voted for ethics reform. Actually, he opposed the tougher version of the bill and only voted in favor of the final watered down version. Mr. White’s campaign theme is “People, Not Politics”. Mr. Corbin’s past experiences in the senate indicates he should carry the banner proclaiming “Lobbyists, Special Interest Money, Columbia Good Ol Boy Politics, Not People.” We have questioned Mr. Corbin’s campaign contributions in the past. Due to those question he has had to return some money to some people and a few groups. His voting record when stacked up beside who gave him campaign money suggests contributors are his favorite people. Just ask the magistrate he appointed in northern Greenville County. We cannot afford to keep Tom Corbin on the job in the senate. The Monitor endorses John B. White Jr for South Carolina Senate, District 5